Ill patent your trademark

So Carl of third-half psudo-fame, using his amazing ability to get me excited about Nintendo products, has allready pre-ordered the Wii on Amazon. ImpressedThis may not seem like a paticularly amazing feet, but seeing that amazon is not actually offering the Wii for preorder, I am impressed. This can be evidenced by this photo of me at panera, don’t I look as if I am impressed. Really I am excited for the Wii personally, and it looks like its going to be the best of the newest generation of consoles. Many people are allready saying that they are going Wii60 for there console choice, but due to the some anger I still feel resentment toward the entry of Microsoft into the console market It looks like I will be a Wii only person. Course this souds like the ultimate fanboy statment, and concidering the shirt that Im wearing right now (duck hunt) I wouldnt blame you for saying that. But more to the heart of it is that I am a casual gamer, and Wii is a casual game platform, games that can be played in short bursts or a long sit. Hopefully Wii does online play, and does it well too, I would love to face off against a friend in Wii sports, which is saying something as I despise normal sports games. it just looks intutive and fun. Blast you nintendo, you know how to take 300 bucks from me, dont you!
In fun news this is day 1 of my seven day blog off, I have some actuall lengthy posts planned with things about politics, music, a multipart how to design a CSS page for people who use tables and more. and If I get thourghly into it, I hope to continue beyond the next 7 days with daily posts.

Peace out,

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