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So hey, me and mikes awesome project has started! so point your podcatcher at

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This is a project start. be warned

I start projects all the time. sometimes rarely I finish them. but its good. Instead of having the idea rattle around in my head I will get them out, so I am announcing today that Sunday or Monday I will … Continue reading

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HDD dude!

I bought myself a 250 gig External USB HDD at the big yellow tag for 99 bucks on sale. I know backup is not exciting, but I am glad to have it! Its pretty cool too. its the Western Digital … Continue reading

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CSS, XHTML, and the temple of doom: part 2 Lets layout some design, and laydown some code!

So back on the webdesign train! Today we are working on taking a design and working with xhtml. So the first thing I do is take my mockup that have made in photoshop, and I break it down into logical … Continue reading

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Firefox exploit’d!

It makes me sad to say that there is a Javascript execution triggered exploit that will allow an attacker to own a machine by exploiting the browser. This news does not sound that shocking, browsers are the point of entry … Continue reading

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