Creative content and the will to work

I don’t believe that one has a finite amount of creativity in them. This is greatly liberating, to some extent, because even though sometimes the inspiration doesn’t flow as fast as I would like I know there is always more. Moreover I think that creativity tends to flow from different sources and in different directions from time to time, and that much of the time we can direct it, once we find the lay of the land. But unfortunately there are two factors in our lives that are not infinite: time and attention.

So one of the things, with that in mind, is that my time and attention are often misspent. In my case they sometimes are poured into introspection and planning that toward goals that may not be achieved. Especially when in practice, I tend to act impulsively discarding the plans that I have carefully crafted. This means two things to me 1. I do not produce work on a regular basis that does not have my immediate attention. 2. I do not focus my attention on things that I would be working toward.

What does that all mean? it means that there are a lot of projects that I would like to work on that have gone un-worked-on for a long while. this blog, and my vision of what site will actually be here in the long term, and other creative sites that I do like The Adventures of Scott and Exile Comics.

I would like to change that, but I am not sure how.

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