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Border sauce? sure thing.

Well I was starting a politics post, but one thing that I hate about politics is that crafting a well thought out argument takes time and lots of effort, and many people are willing to dismiss your arguement out of … Continue reading

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Yelp it!

I didnt feel like Blogging today but I did do reviews on yelp. check em out!

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CSS, XHTML, and your mom: part 1 Browsers and foundation

So if your on the internet at all these days you are most chances sick of hearing terms like “Web 2.0″, and “Ajax”. To a lesser extent you hear about the important things behind it “Standards Compliance”, “Accessabilty”, “XHTML”, and … Continue reading

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Ring Ring Ring Bananaphone!!

So I missed day two, man that sucks. but only technically. I still havent gone to bed for day two. And while I would love to do a long post right now, I really wouldnt as I am very tired … Continue reading

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Ill patent your trademark

So Carl of third-half psudo-fame, using his amazing ability to get me excited about Nintendo products, has allready pre-ordered the Wii on Amazon. This may not seem like a paticularly amazing feet, but seeing that amazon is not actually offering … Continue reading

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Hey, blogosphere

So I picked up the John “I’m a PC” Hodgman book The areas of my Expertise, and so far its really quite good, it has an neat writing style deadpan, funny and interesting. so its really cool. Also visable in … Continue reading

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Of music and mice.

So it turns out that there is this awesome indie-pop-rock band called the iOs. It’s rocking stuff, and has almost everything: both a male and female vocalist, harmony, good melodies a plethora of gutiars ranging from clean acoustic to dirty … Continue reading

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The last time I saw you, I didn’t know what to say.

Hey peeps, its Scott, the iWeb thing just wasnt working out, and I wanted something that I could work with and play with style sometime soon to make it look like not just a out-of-a-can weblog another interesting thing that … Continue reading

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