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CSS, XHTML, and the temple of doom: part 2 Lets layout some design, and laydown some code!

So back on the webdesign train! Today we are working on taking a design and working with xhtml. So the first thing I do is take my mockup that have made in photoshop, and I break it down into logical … Continue reading

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Firefox exploit’d!

It makes me sad to say that there is a Javascript execution triggered exploit that will allow an attacker to own a machine by exploiting the browser. This news does not sound that shocking, browsers are the point of entry … Continue reading

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CSS, XHTML, and your mom: part 1 Browsers and foundation

So if your on the internet at all these days you are most chances sick of hearing terms like “Web 2.0″, and “Ajax”. To a lesser extent you hear about the important things behind it “Standards Compliance”, “Accessabilty”, “XHTML”, and … Continue reading

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Of music and mice.

So it turns out that there is this awesome indie-pop-rock band called the iOs. It’s rocking stuff, and has almost everything: both a male and female vocalist, harmony, good melodies a plethora of gutiars ranging from clean acoustic to dirty … Continue reading

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