Border sauce? sure thing.

mypicture.jpgWell I was starting a politics post, but one thing that I hate about politics is that crafting a well thought out argument takes time and lots of effort, and many people are willing to dismiss your arguement out of hand with out concideration. Sound bytes only take seconds but, having to back that up with actual evidence and logic is something that is best when reciprecated. I was going to talk about how W. most chances has the most dangerous US President to the actual concept of democracy. but although I could most chances converse this for hours with an intrested party, I will have to have a chat with Dan or something then come back to it. but in lieu of a argument here is a picture of me with a handful of border sauce

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Yelp it!

I didnt feel like Blogging today but I did do reviews on yelp. check em out!

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CSS, XHTML, and your mom: part 1 Browsers and foundation

So if your on the internet at all these days you are most chances sick of hearing terms like “Web 2.0″, and “Ajax”. To a lesser extent you hear about the important things behind it “Standards Compliance”, “Accessabilty”, “XHTML”, and “CSS.” These concepts are way more important than the more popular buzzwords, and truthfully Ajax and Web 2.0 would be nowhere without Standards compliant code and browsers.

The Web has been around for a while now, and one of the biggest issues has been making layouts that work in multiple browsers. It used to be somewhat simple when IE was on the rise and netscape was waining, just say designed for Internet Explorer. This was really horibible though as IE was never a great browser with all sorts of quirks and bugs. The web community got used to coding around them, but this made pages render inaccurately in netscape, and on Mac versions of IE. But this was the mid to late 90s, Apple was a dead fish in 97 so maintaing compatibility was second priority.

In 2004 firefox 1.0 came out, but as early as 2002 phoenix (as firefox was then called) was gaining market share, people were getting tired of the security problems of IE. Meanwhile on Mac, people were really tired of IE for Mac, it was incompatable with a lot of the web, making loyalists to the mac platform to feel like second class web citizens. Apple Computer themselfs must have felt that way because on June 23, 2003 they released Safari which soon became the default browser on Macs. With Safari, Camino (first release in 2002 as chimera 0.1), and Firefox. The stage was set for the second coming of the Browser wars.

Linux is also important to the situation, without being able to fall back on the buggy yet convenent IE, this is where the drive for many of these projects found footing. Firefox and Konqueror being the dominant browsers on that platform. Korqueror uses the KHTML engine, the same engine that would be later adopted for Apple’s Safari.

There are more browsers out there too, Opera being a notable one. Opera’s free browser was ad-supported up until 2005, but now is free of ads and is notable for it’s support on small devices, such as Nintendo products, Cell phones, and more.

But the whole point of this is there are a lot of browsers out there to fill the hole left by the demise of netscape (there is a browser that still keeps the name netscape, but it is actually based off of firefox its engine, gecko) and for the most part all of them are more standards compliant. this means that while IE still maintains a majority, It’s majority is shrinking and the best way to ensure that your markup remains readable to the most browsers is to write to standards.

Next in this series we will go over XHTML and CSS Basics

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Ring Ring Ring Bananaphone!!

So I missed day two, man that sucks. but only technically. I still havent gone to bed for day two. And while I would love to do a long post right now, I really wouldnt as I am very tired at the moment. Went to Kevin and Pam’s wedding, Kevin being an old friend from my neighborhood.

2 Posts tommarow, so come back. (thinking politics and web design)


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Ill patent your trademark

So Carl of third-half psudo-fame, using his amazing ability to get me excited about Nintendo products, has allready pre-ordered the Wii on Amazon. ImpressedThis may not seem like a paticularly amazing feet, but seeing that amazon is not actually offering the Wii for preorder, I am impressed. This can be evidenced by this photo of me at panera, don’t I look as if I am impressed. Really I am excited for the Wii personally, and it looks like its going to be the best of the newest generation of consoles. Many people are allready saying that they are going Wii60 for there console choice, but due to the some anger I still feel resentment toward the entry of Microsoft into the console market It looks like I will be a Wii only person. Course this souds like the ultimate fanboy statment, and concidering the shirt that Im wearing right now (duck hunt) I wouldnt blame you for saying that. But more to the heart of it is that I am a casual gamer, and Wii is a casual game platform, games that can be played in short bursts or a long sit. Hopefully Wii does online play, and does it well too, I would love to face off against a friend in Wii sports, which is saying something as I despise normal sports games. it just looks intutive and fun. Blast you nintendo, you know how to take 300 bucks from me, dont you!
In fun news this is day 1 of my seven day blog off, I have some actuall lengthy posts planned with things about politics, music, a multipart how to design a CSS page for people who use tables and more. and If I get thourghly into it, I hope to continue beyond the next 7 days with daily posts.

Peace out,

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Hey, blogosphere

Its a Book!So I picked up the John “I’m a PC” Hodgman book The areas of my Expertise, and so far its really quite good, it has an neat writing style deadpan, funny and interesting. so its really cool. Also visable in this picture, I need a haircut!

Not Pictured I picked up the new Barenaked Ladies are Me and its good. and thats about it for now. I shall get back to you soon on more things.

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Of music and mice.

So it turns out that there is this awesome indie-pop-rock band called the iOs. It’s rocking stuff, and has almost everything: both a male and female vocalist, harmony, good melodies a plethora of gutiars ranging from clean acoustic to dirty ‘letric, good keyboards drums etc… its just basicly well crafted music that hits you the right way

In similar news I signed up for an eMusic account, and honestly its pretty neat, for 15 a month you can download about 65 tracks in non-DRM’d mp3 format, which is really quite good. They dont have everything but there is alot (including the iOs). Basicly a pick the size of your plate and then go to the buffet style system.

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The last time I saw you, I didn’t know what to say.

Hey peeps, its Scott, the iWeb thing just wasnt working out, and I wanted something that I could work with and play with style sometime soon to make it look like not just a out-of-a-can weblog another interesting thing that I have found is that I can possibly use this majiger for comic posting, so come back and see if I have put up old archives and maybe some new hot content. Continue reading

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